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What is babymassage.

Babymassage is a relaxationmasage and gives peace, it helps to get to know each other even better. It is a full body massage. It starts with the left leg and left foot, the limbs, build up to head, chest, belly, back and sides. 

During this massage you touch your baby with light pressure and a turning massaging movement. 

During the course, I teach the shantala massage in combination with Swedish and Western massage techniques.

What is baby Yoga.

Baby yoga consists of gentle movements of your baby's arms and legs, pressure and backpressure, rotational movements and wave exercises.

Stretching and stretching exercises for babies from 4 months. Also lift exercises such as basic affirmative ensures that your baby always feels support in his pelvis, by puting your hands under his/her tailbone when lifting out of bed or crib and transferring it to someone else.

By supporting your baby in his /her base you do not stretch the baby and give a safe feeling. Your baby will feel carried and safe by this way of lifting.


Always approach your baby with gentleness, place your hands on his/her chestand abdomen, so that he/she is not afraid of your presence.

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