Course information


Bring a soft baby blanket or towel. Bottle of almond oil is provided. Remove jewelry, bracelets, rings and wrist watch.

Course Days and Location

Every Monday in Amstelveen, Yogacenter Lindenlaan and Wednesdays in Amsterdam Noord.

Start of the course 

Start 13 July 2020

Monday morning            11:00-12:00

Monday afternoon          13:00-14:00 


Start 15 July 2020

Wednesday afternoon    13:00-14:00 



On request, individual classes can be given at home or on location. 


The course can also be given individually.

Price: € 85,- 

€ 75,- for 3 lessons of 60 minutes including a bottle of almond oil.

Target audience

Mothers/parents with babies up to 11 months


You can cancel up to 1 week/7 days before the start of the course. Thereafter no refund is possible. If the lesson is cancelled due to circumstances, the lesson will be caught up. Participation in the lessons is entirely at your own risk.


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