Babymassage met yoga

Babymassage and Yoga is a mix of Shantala, Swedish and Western massage techniques. 


Everybody needs to be touched by somebody, touching is a kind of love, respect, safety, rest and security.

Couples in love hold each other's hand during a walk, in the cinema/theater or wherever possible. It means you belong to me and I belong to you. "I love you".

You also give children a hand if you walk with them on the street and want to cross it. In this way you give safety and remove fear.

Babies already experience touch when they are lovingly held during the day, during breastfeeding or bottle feeding, when they are brought to bed, while they are playing or taking a bath.

Babymassage is a special way of touch, which requires full attention and relaxation from the parent or guardian. Touch is a necessity for a baby. By properly massaging your baby you offer him or her safety, security and attention.

The basic principles such as rest, regularity and cleanlines are also applicaple to babymassage.   

Babymassage gives peace. Babies fall asleep more easily. (rest)

Babymassage is regularly often done after a bath and before eating. (regularity)

Hands are washed before you start the babymassage and a suitable oil is applied on the baby. (cleanliness)